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BioFoam | Regina’s Spray Foam Contractor

The Biofoam team can insulate, air seal, and vapour barrier those areas where conventional fiberglass batting/poly system fall short.

This includes: steep vaulted ceilings, overhangs/cantilevers, rim joists/header spaces, flat roofs, basements, crawlspaces and even attics that have living spaces in them.

Fiberglass batting/poly system has traditionally performed poorly in these areas for a number of reasons. Use foam and you will never have an issue for the life of your home or building!

Top reasons for choosing BioFoam:

  • Experience (over twenty years combined team experience)
  • Efficiency (we get in, we get out, and we do it properly)
  • Relationships (we know and work well with Regina building inspectors)

Top reasons for choosing spray foam insulation:

  • Spray foam insulation reduces your energy costs and you could get a return on your initial investment within six years
  • Spray foam can bring relief to allergy sufferers
  • Spray foam is eco-friendly and eco-efficient
  • Spray foam increases the racking strength of walls
  • Spray foam work is quality assured
  • Spray foam is versatile